Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Nov 14, 2022

So, you’ve mastered Linkedin, Facebook, paid ads or your marketing platform of choice.

And you’re reaching lots of new prospects and closing sales.

But then…

They change the algorithm. Or cut down the reach.

And that’s when you realize how little control you actually have!

For all the benefits these platforms provide, you just have to accept that ‘changes’ happen…

…and most of the time, they will limit your marketing reach.

And if your marketing gets limited, your lead generation gets affected and so does your business!

That’s why we always preach not to put all your “eggs in one basket” and to diversify your marketing. 

Yes, LinkedIn is the best starting place to organically reach your target audience in the B2B space- but it doesn’t end there. 

We also use other platforms, including one of my favorite marketing channels— EMAIL.

I’ll be sharing our Email Advantage™ training with you.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Setup an email marketing strategy from scratch
  • Adapt your current funnel to the email format
  • Create an ‘evergreen’ email sequence

Access the free training HERE >> 

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