(FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP) Discover The LinkedIn Strategies and Frameworks We Use To Generate:

From LinkedIn
Organic strategy.

For Our Professional Services Clients!!

Lead Opportunities in the first week alone.

And that’s just our recent results…

At the “Business Influence Accelerator” ONLINE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP we’ll show you our exact step-by-step process to dramatically increase your leads and sales using LinkedIn.

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Here’s what our clients are saying…

From having zero idea on how to leverage LinkedIn to closing $171K (+$41K in the pipeline) through The Influencer Project program!

Andrew started with no idea on how to use LiinkedIn effectively to earning $40K worth of sales ($1.1M potential business) by implementeting the The Influencer Project strategy!

How thinking of LinkedIn differently resulted in $50K in sales out of the gate with the Influencer Project Strategy and $150K in current pipeline.

With results like these, this workshop is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these strategies.

How Much Does It Cost to Attend This Session?

It’s taken us over 3 years to perfect, but on this 2-hour virtual workshop, we’ll reveal how we do it so you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business development tool.

The Workshop is FREE – Whats The Catch?

We figure by revealing our strategy, by being transparent about what has worked for us and what hasn’t you’d be able to not only get some quick wins and see results, but you’ll also that know we are the real deal and we can start the relationship off on the right foot and potentially do some more work together down the track.

So give us an hour and a half of your day and you’ll learn how to easily generate consistent leads and social sales for your business using LinkedIn. Our team thinks we’re crazy… especially since most people leave knowing how to generate leads with organic LinkedIn strategy in the time it takes to complete the training.

We could write a long sales page to try and convince you why you should join the Business Influence Accelerator WORKSHOP but we decided to let our clients results do the talking.


In The pipeline


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Worth Of Deals

Gabriella went from up to 18+ months to convert a lead to closing $33K in new business.

Marcel and Michelle have generated $990k worth of opportunity and secured them $150k worth of business using our strategies.

George shares his simple implementation which lead him to $600k in new business!

With results like these, this workshop is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these strategies.

Are you generating daily leads from your linkedin profile?

If you offer a professional service to the marketplace then you’re missing a huge opportunity!

Linkedin has over 400 million users, 4 million of which are in Australia, making it the largest online professional database!

Every person you will ever need to do business with is sitting inside this platform, and to reach them manually would take years, if not decades.

With our proven strategy we will show you ‘step-by-step’ how you can easily stand out as an influencer in your marketplace, and the exact activity we strategically use that will get you seen 10x more than your competitors.

Here are the 4 key phases we’ll walk you through:

The Profile Optimisation Hacks:
Get Your Profile Ranking in the top 1% of your industry!

Turn your profile into a powerful positioning statement!

Set the foundation with the perfect professional profile and turn your profile into a powerful positioning statement. Leverage the algorithms of Linkedin to make your profile seen by more people, and the people who matter to your business most.

Build a Community Of Highly Targeted Professionals Relevant To Your Business

Quickly identify the right people to create the right opportunities!

Your connection base is the foundation for creating the business opportunities you want without the manual time heavy processes most consultants and advisors deploy such as, networking events, cold calling, telemarketing, email, marketing etc.

This phase puts you in front of more people in one day than most consultants and advisors would be able to meet and connect with in a month.

Generate More LEADS by Using a Strategic Activity Schedule Proven to Get You Seen and Noticed More Often!

Fill your funnel with warm leads and build your database daily!

Discover the consistent activity schedule that will see you simply outplay your competition. This major rapport accelerator will, by virtue of taking the right actions inside the algorithm of LinkedIn, get you seen more and as a by-product opportunity will start approaching you.

No more desperately chasing clients – this puts you 100% in control!

Convert More Business Than Ever Before by Generating High Volumes of QUALITY Interest in Your Service – daily!

It’s a simple fact. If you’re having the conversations, the right conversations, you’ll do more business.

You’ll see how you can enjoy 2-8 new warm lead opportunities per business day with people interested in what it is you do. Set up calls and meetings with prospects that can turn into new business deals to powerfully grow your business.

No manual ‘hustle’ required!


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Done Deal!


In The pipeline


Total In Sales

From almost leaving the program to hitting results of up to $110K and counting— this is Quentin’s journey with The Influencer Project.

The results that we’ve been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven’t closed, is another half a million dollars.

Michael went from 9 months of grinding through multiple setbacks (and almost quitting!) to closing 5 projects in 1 week worth over $500,000.


People often ask us why we give away so much valuable information for free? Information that in most cases people have paid thousands for…

Here’s why you’ll get it for FREE…

As corny as it sounds, we just love working with passionate business owners. There is nothing better than seeing another business owner take these strategies, implement them and get results.

In 2015 The Huffington Post wrote:

More than 60 percent of consultants and advisors cease operating within the first three years of starting. 44 percent of professional service businesses failed because they suffered poor strategic management.

Today the statistic isn’t much better, despite the new technologies and innovative strategies available to us, and most of them are FREE!

So we figure,

1. Most professional service experts just don’t know about the possibilities that exist to build and scale their business using simple solutions – like LinkedIn!

2. Or, the strategies that are being used are no longer as effective or perhaps aren’t being innovated.


We are determined to change the statistics and turn business struggles into simple solutions that are proven to get results, cutting edge, quick and easy to implement and doesn’t cost the earth.

There is nothing harder than seeing a business fail, knowing that if they had these strategies they would have had a chance! So we’re committed to sharing the strategy that has helped us and hundreds of our clients!

ALSO, we are currently on the lookout for a few more high-level consulting clients that we can work with intimately to grow their businesses exponentially, and give them back unprecedented amounts of time, money and freedom to not only do more business but enjoy it at the same time!

So we figured by revealing our strategy, by being transparent about what has worked for us and what hasn’t, you’d be able to not only get some quick wins and see results, but you’ll also know that we are the real deal and we can start the relationship off on the right foot.

If you become a client and we do more work together, great. And if not, that’s ok too.

But this allows us to handpick the right people for our consulting programs.


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New Client Sale

Straight away I got the equivalent of $60 million worth of new business, which equates to about $350,000 worth of income.

Of the $100 million worth of pipeline opportunity we have, over half of that has come through this project.

So Return on Investment, definitely, yes! At the same time, it’s not just ROI… now I’ve got a fantastic base moving forward in the future…