Too Many Leads? Keep your leads ‘warm’ through this method…

Nov 11, 2022

I remember when we were just starting, problems we couldn’t foresee kept popping up.

We’d have a bunch of new leads and I and the team would be on the phone… all day.

Sounds familiar?

Here’s the thing…

If your lead generation is going well… 

But you don’t have a solid strategy for handling them…

Chances are that you’re not dealing with them fast enough!

This is so true if you’re starting out with a small team in your coaching business.

Trust me. It happened to us.

Our leads were turning cold… 🥶️

So we came up with a new way to make the first contact with them:

Move from one-to-one calls to one-to-many.

And it worked! 😎

More importantly… I’m sure it’ll work for you, too. 

After all, we’ve done the homework for you by:

  • Doing the real-world battle testing
  • Leveraging the tech where we can
  • Working on the strategies to move from contact to conversation

To be clear, the final stages of getting the client to commit is not going to be on a Zoom call with a bunch of strangers.

But we’ve leveraged this method and nurtured many warm leads in one session. Some of you may even have joined one or two of them.

So, what exactly is that new way we came up with?  We call it the Q&A Webinar Method.

Access the free training HERE >> 

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