The VA Advantage: Why Coaches and Consultants Need to Have a Virtual Assistant

Nov 24, 2022

As you may already know, Linkedin is a fantastic organic marketing tool for your expert business.

But it’s not just about optimising your profile. 

You also need to connect with your perfect future customers, post engaging content, and reach out with lead messages.

And for this exact reason… Linkedin also makes you pay the price.

And that is… your time!

You see, unlike other platforms, Linkedin isn’t very “automation” friendly. 

They are very protective of their members’ information.

So they discourage automation…

And encourage individual, natural, and real interaction.

And for your strategy to be effective, you have to be consistent with it – and it takes time.

…And I’m pretty sure that’s not why you started your coaching business.

But guess what?

There’s a solution for you to get your time back and leverage your expertise on the platform. 

And that is to have Virtual Assistants (VAs) help you in your day to day marketing tasks.

Maybe you’re thinking…

“They won’t do as good a job as me.”


“It’ll just mean more staff to create problems for me”


“I’ll probably pick one who’ll end up becoming a real pain”


In my experience, there are some things you can have VAs do really well, especially if you have the system to support them — and one of them is your LinkedIn campaign.

Having a Virtual Assistant can be really rewarding in both accelerating your results and giving your time back to work on growing your business.

You just have to know how to leverage them.

Our training, called The VA Advantage™, is a step-by-step strategic approach to getting a VA to help you leverage and scale your LinkedIn strategy (and more).

Access the free training HERE >> 

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