The Profile Optimiser Framework

“Everybody knows how important first impressions are.
But not everybody knows that the ‘first impression’
is actually only a seven-second window.”

Business Insider

Why should you optimise your LinkedIn Profile?

Consider this for a moment. A person ‘checking you out’ on LinkedIn will give you just seven seconds to make a good impression.

With attention spans always decreasing, people are less likely to wait. So, with your LinkedIn profile, you need to keep it clean, simple, and easy to digest to create a strong first impression.

The golden rule here is this: Let your visitors see straight away what you’re a leader in, what industry you command, and what you offer.

How? Here are a few tips…

Create a strong background image

Your background image may be more important than you imagine. It’s not a place for a picture of you and your pet dog on a beach on the Gold Coast.

Instead, it can be a powerful visual reminder, helping you to communicate instantly what you do and what you’re about.

We’ll discuss this in detail in another blog— and we’ll even give you a free guide to create the best background image for your LinkedIn profile.

Upload a professional photo

This is not Facebook but neither is it a passport application.

Your LinkedIn profile should feature a high-quality image that presents you as approachable and professional.

People do business with other people: don’t wear sunglasses or include your pet cat but similarly, don’t appear too stern!

Include keywords in your professional headline

Your professional headline is another way to say WHAT you do – NOT who you are.

Remember that no-one actually cares about your business or who you are! Nor do they care about your position or job title.
That’s right! They just don’t care!

They only care about what you do and the problem you solve

Your keywords should help to explain what you do: use them in this important part of your profile.

If you are a coach— tell your target audience what you do, how you help, and even where you practice if necessary (Sydney? Melbourne? Brisbane?). Don’t simply list job titles or positions: that is a complete waste of space.

In summary…

Your LinkedIn profile can be the cornerstone of all your online marketing activity. It is the foundation to becoming an influencer in your industry and marketplace. If you don’t get this right, your efforts will fail, and you’ll blame the effect of poor strategy rather than the cause of it. Below you’ll learn how to get it right.


Download the Profile Optimiser Framework— the 6 simple steps we and our clients use to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out, builds up a quality community, and creates daily leads and business opportunities.

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