The Problem Expert Coaches and Consultants Face When Using LinkedIn

Nov 8, 2022

There’s a problem I noticed with many expert coaches and consultants who use Linkedin:
The majority of profiles I come across don’t even seem to communicate useful information about them.
And I bet you they’re wondering why Linkedin isn’t working for them.
Not to mention they’re thinking about which platform would be the one to connect them with valuable clients.
But what exactly is the mistake that they’re making?

Well, they make profiles that:

  • Fail to communicate and connect with the viewer
  • Make them look too similar to their competitors
  • Don’t show the worth they possess as coaches 
  • Increase their frustration with marketing

But since 2015, I’ve been working with clients to boost their coaching businesses via LinkedIn. And they are blown away when we implement the strategies to…

  • Hone in on their hot prospects
  • Instantly communicate their expertise and value
  • Stand out from their competitors
  • Use their profile to generate business

As you know, each platform has its own nuance. And each coach will attempt to display their skill and worth in their profile. 

That’s why we at The Influencer Project make sure our clients have LinkedIn profiles that catch the right kind of attention. 

What’s more, our systems can be adapted to the way they like to run their business, according to their unique style.

Standing out on LinkedIn can be done! 

Access the free training HERE >> 

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