The LinkedIn Background Builder™: Why Your LinkedIn Background Is More Important Than You Think

Nov 25, 2022

Take a look at your Linkedin profile’s background.

Does it “say” the following?

I have a business!

My business has a logo!

This is a random picture on my background!

If the answer is yes…

Then your background is doing you no favor at all!

The fact is that people will view your profile for seven seconds — and most of them are visual.

And if you don’t communicate exactly what you can do for the prospect viewing your profile within that short period of time…

They’ll leave.

I’m going to share how to optimise one of the most important parts of your profile.

I’ll walk you through our LinkedIn Background Builder™ framework, where I’ll help you…

  • Create the message to use in your background image
  • Set the exact image dimensions and size
  • Create the best first impression on prospects who visit your profile

Remember, it only takes a few seconds to attract or repel a potential client.

And the right message will attract the right clients for your business.

Access the free training HERE >> 

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