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In 2019, our clients made $79,605,027 using The Influencer Project LinkedIn Strategy. Here are some of their wins:

5.3M in the Pipeline
First $2.5K Sales + $20k-$200k Pipeline Opportunity
1.5M in LOANS
$4,000,000 + $400,00 worth of Sales Inquiries
Added $1,000 In Just A Day
Closed a deal worth $7,875 per month
Landed $100K Total in Sales!
The results that we’ve been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven’t closed, is another half a million dollars.
Greg H
7K+ In Sales

First Confirmed And Dispatched Order Out From A Video!

1st client worth €5K
$400K Worth of Work for the next 12 months!!
1.5M In a Week!
Secured a Job Worth $12K+
$10K per Month!
7K worth of Sales
104K Income Generated + 210K in the Pipeline!
$30K+ in a Week!
Secured a €2.5K deal + potential €10K sales
Added new client worth $15K
From having zero idea on how to leverage LinkedIn to closing $171K (+$41K in the pipeline) through The Influencer Project program!
$250K + $850K Pipeline Opportunity!
$400K Worth of Work for the next 12 months!!
$10K per Month!
$6,500 in Revenue
$750 Worth of Opportunity
A 7000€ Opportunity Worth Over 2 Months
$20k-$800k Worth of Opportunity
Closed a $4,000 Pipeline Opportunity
1st sale Worth $5,000
1st sale Worth $5,000
1st sale Worth $5,000
1st sale Worth $5,000
f the $100 million worth of pipeline opportunity we have, over half of that has come through this project.
Andrew W.
1st 5K Sale
$20k-$40k in a Month!
4 Lead Calls +1 Sales Call
$10K Opportunity from a Call
Closed 2 Sales Calls
$30,000 Worth of Opportunity
1st sale Worth $5,000
Closed $1,500 worth of Sales + $4,500 Pipeline Opportunity
$60K+ Worth of Pipeline Opportunity
5K in Sales
Sold $6,750 + $10K Worth of Opportunity
Signed Up a Client for $1,500
$3,000 Worth of Opportunity
Closed 2 Sales Calls
$6,000 Worth of Sale
$20K Worth of Pipeline Opportunity
$30,000 Worth of Opportunity
Closed a $4,000 Pipeline Opportunity
17 New Leads!
3 $5K Sales in 4 Weeks
Closed $3,000 worth of Sale in a Week
Closed 2 Sales Worth $1,500 each
10K Worth of Opportunity
6 Leads in a Week
First Sale Worth $4,300
Doubling her revenue to what it was in the past year.
$30,000 Worth of Opportunity
2600 + € 2-3000 Worth of Sales in the Pipeline!
Added 2 New Clients
First Sale Worth $4,300

Added $7000 in Income!

$100k In The Opportunity Pipeline!
Signed Up a Client for $5K
1st sale Worth $5,000
A Project Partnership Opportunity
Sales Call Closed Worth $3,000

Closed a $4,000 Pipeline Opportunity

It’s turned our lead pool, that was sitting at around $30 million per annum in the first year, to now where we’re 3 months into 2017 now and we’ve got a $100million worth of work.
Ben L.
1.5M In a Week!

Closed an Annual Contract Worth $250K!

$72K in the Opportunity Pipeline
Close New Client Worth $750

$55K In the Opportunity Pipeline

4 Leads in One Day
40k in PROFIT!
$54K Worth of Pipeline Opportunity
$3,000 Worth of Sale
Andrew started with no idea on how to use LiinkedIn effectively to earning $40K worth of sales ($1.1M potential business) in just a couple of weeks of doing the The Influencer Project strategy!

Closed $3200 Worth of Sales

$180K in the Pipeline!

Secured $700K Worth of Work

$390K Worth of Potential Business

Closed $30K in Just 2 Weeks!

$20K/year Worth of Opportunity!
27 Pipeline Leads Worth $891K
Within the first 6 months I got the equivalent of $60 million worth of new business, which equates to about $350,000 worth of income.
Darren R.
7 Sales Worth $19,500 in 4 days
$800K Worth of Deal!
Meetings + $100K Worth of Project
$44K Worth of Income

$5K-$8K opportunity just from a connection request on LinkedIn!

First Sale Worth $3.5K

Gabriella went from up to 18+ months to convert a lead to closing $33K in LESS THAN 24 hours!

$20K in a Week and Hitting Monthly Sales Target

Generated $33K Worth of Sales

$5K-$8K opportunity just from a connection request on LinkedIn!

$8K in Just a Day!

$800K Worth of Deal!

Added 3 Major Leads in the Pipeline!

Closed $1.2M in Business + Added $5M in the Pipeline Opportunity

$35K in Opportunity!

First Sale Worth $3.5K

I’ve generated 6-figure revenues, but I’ve probably planted 5x that revenue.
Arthur K.
$19K Worth of Contract and $20K in the Pipeline!
An Opportunity Worth $200k-$300K!

$296,400 Worth of Work!

$27.5k income + $12k in the pipeline!

Closed a Sale Worth $110,000 and 210K+ Worth of Opportunities

A Total of $45K in Sales!

Signed an $8K Contract!

From overwhelmed to landing 300K jobs and getting 3000% ROI!
3 Potential Clients Worth $10.5K
$20K/year Worth of Opportunity!
2 Hot Leads Worth $7,500 in Total!
$3.5K Sales + $5K-$15K in the pipeline.

40K in Sales and 48K in the Pipeline!
A Total of $325K Worth of Opportunity

Generated $50K in Commission

What really got us is, we actually tested it and it took us 26 minutes to get a response…. to get a return on investment!
Wendy & Gordon
Business Opportunity Worth $22K!

Opportunity Value Between $11K and $25K

Closed $33K worth of business!

Closed a sale worth $384K + $316K in the pipeline.

$2.2M in the Opportunity Pipeline

Added 2 New Clients Worth $5000 Each in Pipeline Opportunity
1 Opportunity Worth $9K
Went from 1 lead a month to 7 leads a week (resulted 10 sales) by trusting the process.
Closed 30k Worth of Business
$2.2M in the Opportunity Pipeline

2 Sales Worth $43,000!

$5K/month Pipeline Opportunity

Converted $16K worth of income.

Business Opportunity Worth $22K!

$4.5K Sale From a LinkedIn Lead!

1 Opportunity Worth $9K
$3600 in Revenue!
Signed Up a Client for $5K

$127K in 3 Days!

$11,400 Worth of Proposal
In relation to an overall return of investment of time and money I’d say we’re achieving a return of close to 10x our investment.
Ian J.
4 Hot Leads Worth $60K!

$720K Pipeline Opportunity!

5 Sales Worth $210,000 in Just 6 Days

Signed Up a Client for $5K

Minimum of $90K Worth of Opportunity.

$7K in Revenue!

$396K Worth of Income For a 5 Month Contract!

 Awarded a $1.2M Project!

Total of $102,000-$164,000 in the Pipeline

Marcel and Michelle has generated $990k worth of opportunity and secured them $150k worth of business using our strategies.

Added $19K+ Worth of Sales

Added 3 New Clients worth $77K+

$40K-$100K in the Pipeline

A $28,000 Deal from LinkedIn!

$10,800 in a Week!

A Total of $312,000 in Revenue.

4 Potential Sales Worth $28,800

1st sale at $10K!!!

$6,500 in Sales
$30,500 ‬Added to the Pipeline

$110K Worth of Business + $200K in the Opportunity Pipeline

We’re looking at an 8 or 9 times return on investment… in both the money and the time.
Robert F.

$20K in a Week and Hitting Monthly Sales Target

$10K Worth of Revenue!

A New Client Worth $24,225 via LinkedIn

A $200,000 a Year Worth of Work

$35K in LinkedIn Sales

$10K to Start the Week!

$50K Sale from First Order!
Great Sales Phone Call!

$50K In the Opportunity Pipeline

$50K Confirmed Project + $45K Opportunity

$33,600 Sale from LinkedIn

George shares his simple implementation which lead him to $600k in less than 2 months!

Closed Clients at $15K (possible upgrade to 24k) + 3 Clients at $24k!

Added $35M to the Pipeline

$10K Worth of Sales + $475K Added to the Pipeline
$526K in Revenue

Secured a $180,000 Deal!

$74K Worth of Opportunities

$1,500 in a Day!

$20K/day in Income!

Sold $11K + $12 - $20K Potential Income

I think 5:1 if I had to put it as a [ROI] ratio, and the conversions I’ve made are not one-off projects!
Ush D.
$10,900 in Sales

Opportunity Value Around $25K!

A $6,000 Sale- her first from LinkedIn!

$20K In Sales!

$104k Done Deal!
Over $100K in Revenue
Total of $21K In the Opportunity Pipeline

From almost leaving the program to hitting results of up to $110K and counting— this is Quentin’s journey with The Influencer Project.

A Business Opportunity Worth $12M!!!

2 Orders Worth $1,800

3 Sales Worth $30K

$20K of Closed Sales + $70K in the Opportunity Pipeline

Converted $20,000 in Income!

$20,000 in Sales.

$440K Opportunity in Just 2 Weeks!

Closed $7K+ in Sales

We didn’t expect to catch 200 leads in 3 months.
Craig M.
First Sale from LinkedIn worth $7K!

$26K Worth of New Orders

Converted $50K Project

A Total of $415K+ in Profit

$336,000 Worth of Revenue!!!

First Sale from LinkedIn worth $7K!

Scored Another 28K Deal in a Week

$391K Worth of Work + $403K in the Pipeline.
Converted $14K + $26K in the Pipeline

$6K Client From a LinkedIn connection request!

Michael went from 9 months of grinding through multiple setbacks (and almost quitting!) to closing 5 projects in 1 week worth over $500,000.
$77,880 Income + $305K Pipeline Opportunity

$281K Worth of New Business!

$4,800 in Sales!

$‭377,000 Worth of Job‬s

$100,000 in under 90 days!!!

…So Return on Investment, definitely, yes! At the same time, it’s not just ROI… now I’ve got a fantastic base moving forward in the future…
Janice H.
$250K Worth of Opportunity!
Added $273,000 in the Pipeline!
2 New Clients Worth $8,400
Generated $1.5M in Total Sales + a Lot of Business Opportunities!!!
$20K Sale + $100K Opportunity
$160,000 Contract Closed
From earning 32K to 900K per annum!

$227,000 of Purchase Orders in Just 24 hrs

$15K Sold!

$26,000 Worth of Income

Generated $21K Revenue and $25K Worth of Opportunities

$5,600 in the Opportunity Pipeline!

$700M worth of opportunities!

Within the first 24 hours there were some real runs on the board.
Leon H.
Closed $3,500 Worth of Deal and $100,000 New Opportunities

Closed $15K Worth of Income

$10K Worth of Sales + $475K Added to the Pipeline

$15K in the Pipeline!

Added $36K in the Pipeline

$12.5K in Just 5 Days

A Total of $50K in Proposals

$12.5K in Just 5 Days

A $20,000 Sign-Up!

Over $100K of Business in the Pipeline

How thinking of LinkedIn differently resulted in $50K in sales (the 1st coming in week 3!!! of the IFS90 program) and $150K in current pipeline.
Closed $210K in Sales
Generated $1,940 in Sales and $72,000 in Opportunity!