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Here’s What You Get Today:

1. We’ll work on the 3 Fixes you need right now. What you need to do to reposition your MODEL to protect and serve your clients, how to elevate your MARKETING to increase opportunities in an ‘online only’ environment and the simple MONEY model you need to nurture leads, book appointments and continue to convert new clients.

2. We’ll walk you through ‘The Upgraded Business Model’ to optimise your online audience and give you the fast framework systems, tools and technologies to deliver your services online to continue to lead your clients and position your services as hyper relevant right now.

3. Next we’ll take your Upgraded Business Model, and use it inside our IP Offer Accelerator as the cornerstone of your marketing and messaging in the coming weeks and months. Instead of being ignored or irrelevant, your marketing will be a lifeline for your prospects to hang onto, and you’ll be able to generate leads and appointments every day.

4. Then, we’ll work on your social offers, and tailor them for today’s market. Right now people have lost long term vision, and what they want is a short term solution. We’ll build out your Authority IP offer and help you build a powerful short term solution which creates long term clients. This has already made hundreds of thousands of dollars this month for our clients, and in a few cases, saved their businesses, some have even called it ‘life changing’

5. Finally we’ll create your 30 day Product to Profit Plan for you and your business, so you can lead your market, help more people, and make more money in the next 30/60/90 days.


1.One of the big mistakes coaches, consultants and professional service experts make is they don’t have the online ‘architecture’ to capture and nurture leads whilst reliably generating appointments. This is a HUGE gap if you’re working in an online environment.. So we’ll give you our simple, ready to implement, 3 page funnel that has generated us 436 leads and 98 qualified applications into our calendar within 30 days. We’ll literally GIVE YOU OUR FUNNEL!

2. You’ll hear about LINKEDIN EVENTS, the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to generate leads to events. We’ve used them over the last 3 months to fill our Webinars and Workshops (both online and offline) so we’ll walk you through how to create them, promote them, fill them, and profit from them.

3. You’ll get inside Access to our Business Influence Accelerator Workshop which shows you exactly ‘step-by-step’ how we use LinkedIn as an organic marketing platform to dramatically increase our leads and new client acquisition. Right now – LinkedIn is a GOLD MINE of opportunity. As the worlds largest professional network, every opportunity for your business is sitting there waiting for you – we’ll show you how.