The Product To Profit Plan™

The 3 fixes every coach and consultant needs right now to productise their service, upgrade their offer and leverage technology to get ‘online and in demand’ inside 90 days

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Essential knowledge for every coach and consultant interested in leveraging technology to productise their service and deliver ‘on demand’ value to grow and scale their businesses online within 90 days.

The MAIN GOAL of this webinar is:

We recently finished a 30 day program with our Influencer Project members, working with them to upgrade their business models online, and repositioning their marketing – it’s made a huge impact already! Look at the results (Literally within 30 days!)



Fix # 1: The Upgraded Business Model Masterclass

We’ll optimise your online audience and show you the fast framework systems, tools and resources to set up your business to win in a 100% Online Environment.

Fix # 2: The IP Offer Accelerator

We’ll guide you through how to package up and leverage your knowledge and expertise using our Authority IP formula to consistently build authority in your marketplace and attract more opportunities online.

Fix # 3: The Fast Lead Formula

We’ll show you how to fill your funnel fast and use basic organic marketing and easy automation to maximise your online opportunities.

There has never been a better time to leverage technology to productise your service and deliver ‘on demand’ value to grow and scale your coaching and consulting business online.

The time to evolve is NOW – your marketplace needs YOU!

*This web-class is 100% Free Right Now



The Influencer Project “Connect, Engage, and Convert” framework is famous for being able to turn a LinkedIn profile into a business building machine for consultants and advisors.

The Influencer Project strategy has been used successfully by coaches and consultants who want to build strong, engaged networks, position themselves powerfully as marketplace leaders and generate more leads and clients for their business without pounding the pavement or waiting for the phone to ring.

Over the past 5 years The Influencer Project has been able to deliver our services online, which has enabled us to open up our services to the whole world giving us a major marketplace advantage.

Right now the world is evolving and the way we deliver our services needs to evolve too.

For the first time ever, we are now sharing the 3 fixes that enabled us to have a virtual, portable and profitable lifestyle business model where we can make an impact from anywhere in the world.

Your biggest advantage right now is being able to adapt using technology and social influence, which means being able to deliver, market and sell in an online environment.

We’ll show you how.

*This web-class is 100% Free Right Now



$12k in the Bank!

$90k in Sales Closed

Closed Sale Worth $4500

$45k Annual Income!

*This web-class is 100% Free Right Now