How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile To Generate More Business Using A Simple 3 Step Strategy

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Essential knowledge for every coach and consultant interested in turning their LinkedIn profile into a wildly profitable marketing channel.

The Main Goal Of This Training Is:

Discover how you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generation tool using our simple 3 step strategy.


Landed $100K Total in Sales!
Added $7000 in Income!
Added 2 New Clients

Closed an Annual Contract Worth $250K!

$6,500 in Revenue

First Confirmed And Dispatched Order Out From A Video!

2 Unique Inquiries In Less Than 24 Hours!

17 New Leads

$55K In the Opportunity Pipeline

*Results may vary. These are some of the different results people reported from our program.

What You’re Going To Learn:

Profile Shortcut # 1

5 profile shortcuts you can implement quickly to outrank your competition.

Profile Shortcut # 2

Our exact 3 step process to dramatically increase lead flow using LinkedIn.

Profile Shortcut # 3

The profile conversion formula that turns a LinkedIn profile into a powerful marketing tool!
Presented by Andrew McWhirter
Co-Founder of The Influencer Project

“Implement the LinkedIn B2B attraction system we use, along with other leading coaches and consultants, to generate a steady stream of leads and opportunities everyday from your LinkedIn profile.”