Influencer ELITE Program – “LinkedIn Hybrid Lead Systems”

What If in less than 2 years your business could run profitably without relying on you?


Forging Freedom through Business

Save time, earn more, do less

Our 90 Influence Fast Start Program gets you to lay the foundations inside our organic LinkedIn Strategy – a time based, low cost marketing approach to connect with your perfect future customers, engage with inside your core business offer and convert them into clients.

With Organic being an important part of our marketing strategy, it’s only one part of the Influencer Project program which is why we move those that are ready into our ELITE Program where we expand on the organic strategies in IFS and move into more advanced On Demand Marketing (Rhythm based Impact Marketing), and Accelerated Marketing (Low time, ads based marketing) through our LinkedIn Hybrid Lead Systems.

Our LinkedIn Hybrid Lead Systems

are based around 4 Core Strategies

Authority IP - The Perpetual Presentation Plan (Save Time through automation)

Design your signature system then use it to create on demand influence so you can engage prospects quicker, and nurture leads on auto-pilot.

Strategic Funnel - The Accelerated Appointment System (Increase Lead Flow)

Copy, paste and swipe the funnel that we use and generate more appointments on auto-pilot using our self filling calendar strategy. Use simple technology and implement our system to work harder so you don’t have to.

Accelerated Lead System - The Advanced Engagement Engine (Attract more clients)

Implement our Brand Influence Method. An ads based approach to amplify your audience and expand your brands impact to build more engagement and generate more leads 24/7 using paid marketing.

Scalable Sales System (Increase New Client Conversions)

Build out your leveraged, high converting Sales Automation System to increase your opportunity throughput and reliably close more clients at scale.

Inside the Influencer Elite

program you’ll get


  • A customised Impact Plan to get you clear, confident and forward focused
  • Upgraded Access to Andrew, Rana and our in-house team of experts
  • Unlimited priority 1:1 coaching


  • Access To Advanced Training and Elite only Content
  • Advanced access to the latest tactics, strategies and frameworks used by TIP
  • Invites to guest speakers and industry experts


  • Exclusive Elite Only Events
  • Access to our Elite Client Community

LinkedIn Hybrid

Lead Systems

Our ELITE program and LinkedIn Hybrid Lead Systems take our connect, engage and convert strategies to another level where we support and coach you to:


Free up more time so you can focus on breaking through that glass ceiling and work ON growing your business vs being stuck running IN your business.


Optimise your core offers inside organic and accelerated ads based strategies so your audience sees you more and opportunity finds you faster.


Build a high converting, scaleable appointment system so that you reliably turn leads into clients with less buying resistance to help generate more business in less time.

Real Clients

Real Results

Below are just some of the many results that consultants and advisors, similar to you, are generating each and every week to double, triple and even 4-6x their business using The Influencer Project’s LinkedIn Strategy.

5.3M in the Pipeline

Added $1,000 In Just A Day

Landed $100K Total in Sales!

1.5M in LOANS

The results that we’ve been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven’t closed, is another half a million dollars.

Greg H

First Confirmed And Dispatched Order Out From A Video!

Hooked 170K in Sales + 4.5M in the Pipeline

$1,645/hour Worth Of Deal

104K Income Generated + 210K in the Pipeline!

Of the $100 million worth of pipeline opportunity we have, over half of that has come through this project.
Andrew W.

$250K + $850K Pipeline Opportunity!

A € 7000 Opportunity Worth Over 2 Months

$20k-$800k Worth of Opportunity

$10K per Month!

Within the first 6 months I got the equivalent of $60 million worth of new business, which equates to about $350,000 worth of income.

Darren R.