Don’t Overcomplicate it! Create Models you can easily understand and implement in your coaching business.

Nov 9, 2022

When I think back to the early days of my business, there’s a lot to laugh and cry about.
You see, I overcomplicated everything… and I mean everything!

From our offers…
To our marketing systems…

You’re in business to make money. It’s more likely if you’re serious about using the available technology.

And even our models.
What’s more, my notepad would look more like I’ve been drawing a rainbow-colored patchwork of highlighter marks and scribblings.
Don’t get me wrong, though.
Our models were totally awesome.
But they were also:

  • Hard to remember
  • Hard to think of logically
  • Hard to explain easily
  • Full of revisions and exceptions

So, any effort I made was anything but simple to implement.
For me, I “had to” get it absolutely perfect.
But I also “had to” cater for every option for all of our clients.
…I told you it’s complicated.
Now, we’ve all gone down some of those roads at some point, right?
Well, the truth is that what ends up happening is we send the wrong message to our clients:
It shows that our direction isn’t focused.
Once your prospect has that impression in their minds about you, they’ll be gone…
…and they’ll keep searching for another coach who can meet their needs!
You don’t want that to happen, right?
So, we’ll look at…

  • Models that you can actually understand and implement in your coaching business
  • Setting up the system to connect with high-value prospects
  • Increasing your impact with the prospect
  • Connecting authentically with your ideal clients

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