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“Discover how 500 LinkedIn connections and these ‘4 fixes’ can organically generate you 2-3 new clients in the next 30 days”

Only 100 Spots - Free Virtual Workshop

Join Andrew and Rana as they pull back the curtain on the strategies and frameworks they’re using RIGHT NOW to generate leads and clients on demand through LinkedIn.

The Main Goal OF This Workshop Is:

You’ll learn ‘The 4 Fixes’ that every coach and consultant needs right now to build and deploy a profitable LinkedIn strategy to get their next ‘leads and clients on demand’ inside 30 days.
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Due to workshop capacity restrictions, we can only accommodate 150 slots per schedule so register yours today before you miss out..

US – 1st February
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US – 15th February
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Skeptical? You should be because there are a lot of ‘pop up LinkedIn experts’ out there – BUT nobody gets results for their clients on LinkedIn like we do. Here’s Proof…

From a goal of $40,000 to earning over $230,000 in 8 weeks and another $279,000 in the pipeline through The Influencer Project program!!

Andrew started with no idea on how to use LiinkedIn effectively to earning $40K worth of sales ($1.1M potential business) in just a couple of weeks of doing the The Influencer Project strategy!
How thinking of LinkedIn differently resulted in $50K in sales (the 1st coming in week 3!!! of the IFS90 program) and $150K in current pipeline.
With results like these, this workshop is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these strategies.
1.5M in LOANS
$4,000,000 + $400,00 worth of Sales Inquiries
5.3M in the Pipeline
First $2.5K Sales + $20k-$200k Pipeline Opportunity
Added $1,000 In Just A Day
Landed $100K Total in Sales!
Closed a deal worth $7,875 per month

Here are the 4 Fixes we’re going to work on together…

FIX 1:

How to build your LinkedIn Lead Funnel
“Simplify your community and multiply your opportunity”

FIX 2:

The Accelerated Transition Framework
“A simple way to transition Connections into conversations”

FIX 3:

The Sell By Screen System
“The technology we use to convert more clients online faster”

FIX 4:

The Profitable Opportunity Pipeline
“The Blueprint to Monetising Your LinkedIn Strategy Sooner”
We could write a long sales page to try and convince you why you should join the Business Influence Accelerator WORKSHOP but we decided to let our clients results do the talking.

From almost leaving the program to hitting results of up to $110K and counting— this is Quentin’s journey with The Influencer Project.

The results that we’ve been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven’t closed, is another half a million dollars.

From having zero idea on how to leverage LinkedIn to closing $171K (+$41K in the pipeline) through The Influencer Project program!

With results like these, this workshop is the bargain of a lifetime for anyone who actually attends and applies these strategies.
Are you generating daily leads from your LinkedIn Profile?
In the last 12 months The Influencer Project LinkedIn strategy has helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for coaches and consultants from LinkedIn – even through the pandemic.

We’ve helped leading Australian Coaches, Advisors, Consultants and Industry Experts tap into the professional power of LinkedIn to connect them with hard to reach, high value leads and grow their businesses and form profitable partnerships quickly.

Chasing work is hard, waiting for referrals is risky and if you’re selling your advice and expertise for a living then it’s time to think differently and take control inside a platform that is often overlooked, misunderstood and incredibly profitable.

Linkedin has over 400 million users making it the world’s largest online professional database!

Every person you will ever need to do business with is sitting inside this platform, and to reach them manually would take years, if not decades.

With our proven strategy we will show you ‘step-by-step’ how you can easily stand out as an influencer in your marketplace, and the exact activity we strategically use that will get you seen 10x more than your competitors.

You’ll take away implementable strategies that will have you identify exactly where your next leads will come from so you’ll be able to plan for the next quarter and next year and hit new growth targets.

In a lot of cases attendees actually leave generating 2 – 3 new clients within 30 days with what they learn – it’s that good!

How Much Does It Cost to Attend This Workshop?

It’s taken us over 3 years to perfect, but in just one day, we’ll reveal how we do it so you can turn your LinkedIn profile into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE business development tool.

The Workshop is FREE – Whats The Catch?

We figure by revealing our strategy, by being transparent about what has worked for us and what hasn’t you’d be able to not only get some quick wins and see results, but you’ll also that know we are the real deal and we can start the relationship off on the right foot and potentially do some more work together down the track.

So give us an hour and a half of your day and you’ll learn how to easily generate consistent leads and social sales for your business using LinkedIn. Our team thinks we’re crazy… especially since most people leave knowing how to generate leads with organic LinkedIn strategy in the time it takes to complete the training.

Even during one of the most challenging times in the last 100 years – our clients are still using this strategy to get results… rather than take months or years to figure it out yourself, why not spend 3 hours with us and we’ll show you how
$6,500 in Sales
$74K Worth of Opportunities

$10K Worth of Revenue!

Added $19K+ Worth of Sales

$20K/day in Income!

$296,400 Worth of Work!

$30,500 ‬Added to the Pipeline

Business Opportunity Worth $22K!

$44K Worth of Income
It’s your time to tap into the professional power of LinkedIn!

The Influencer Project “Connect, Engage and Convert” framework is famous for being able to turn a LinkedIn profile into a business building machine and is used successfully by coaches and consultants who want to build strong, engaged networks, position themselves powerfully as marketplace leaders and generate more leads and clients for their business.

Since 2014 Andrew and Rana have shared their business growth strategies internationally, authored 2 books and consulted to some of the world’s leading brands and industry experts

Join Andrew and Rana as they walk you through ‘Step-by-Step’ how you can implement the LinkedIn Connected Profit Plan they’re using, along with other leading coaches and consultants they work with, to generate a steady stream of leads and opportunities everyday.