Can a B2B Coach
accelerate your business?

There are many known benefits to working with a B2B coach.  They range from enhanced strategy and strategic ability to increased revenue, and more. In fact, research has shown that 67% companies that use B2B coaching for at least 3 years show large revenue growth trends. Those statistics in mind, let’s examine some of the main reasons why business coaching can change the course of your B2B sales success, enhance your B2B marketing, or just turn you into a better entrepreneur, and perhaps answer a few basic questions.
What are the benefits of a B2B coaching program?
Here are a few outcomes you can expect from working with a performance coach or mentor:

Grow your business

Learning how to build a solid stream of new business inquiry is a problem many entrepreneurs face.  There are many competing narratives on how to achieve this outcome, and there are nearly endless customization options for marketing and sales strategy.  Many entrepreneurs find themselves going through a costly process of trial and error to achieve this.  Working with a B2B marketing coach might be just the way to speed this process up, and give the expensive nature of trial and error, the move might actually save you money.

Enhance your performance
as an entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs are very forward-thinking and action-oriented individuals, but that doesn’t make them experts at every phase and every function in their startup.  Sometimes simply having the benefit of an experienced business advisor with an extensive background in business management best practices can help you avoid a lot of painful mistakes that most entrepreneurs make.

Have companionship and business guidance

The path of growing and scaling a B2B business is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot to be said for simply not having to go it alone. When difficult questions arise about leadership, sales, performance, and how to ultimately get to success, it’s best to have an experienced guide in your corner who has really experienced the situations in which you find yourself.
Now that we’ve covered a few solid reasons why you might want a B2B business coach, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions:
A B2B Coach is someone who gets paid to bring their knowledge, skills, and abilities to bear in your business.  They are a trusted guide and advisor to help you through the various states of starting, establishing, growing, and ultimately scaling your B2B business.  They are typically paid a sum of money for a specified period of time or a particular project scope, during which time they will advise you, help you, and guide you towards success.
Yes, in all likelihood they will. They will usually have a proprietary methodology to achieve your desired outcome that is a product of many years working in a given field such as B2B marketing.  Each consultant will likely have a different approach to how to accomplish your goals, so it’s important to thoroughly vet and interview your consultant before hiring them.
Yes and no.  B2B coaching is predominantly carried out at the executive level, so it has some similarities to executive coaching.  However, you will typically find that executive coaches tend to focus on the character and ability of the individual executive, and B2B coaches tend to focus on the business, it’s processes, and it’s outcomes.  For instance, an executive coach might spend many hours working on leadership and character development with an executive.  A B2B coach will typically have an area of expertise.  For example, B2B marketing or sales.  They will spend the vast majority of their time working on business outcomes related to those specific areas.
You probably can, but you might want to dig a little deeper into the source’s qualifications if these two disciplines are offered as a package deal.  B2B marketing is an incredibly nuanced and difficult topic, as is B2B sales.  For that reason, we typically find that people are experts at one or the other, but rarely both.  Anyone offering the two in combination might not actually be a true expert at either.  Again, a great deal of research, reading of testimonials, and interviewing of past clients (if possible) should be done before hiring a B2B sales or marketing coach.
The bottom line is that getting professional advice from a B2B coach can help small biz owners accomplish more. That’s not to say that every business needs a coach, but if you have always wanted to bring in someone with expertise to help you build your business, there’s no time like the present to get started.
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