Are You Reaching Your Perfect Future Customers on Linkedin?

Nov 22, 2022

Here’s the thing…

I see lots of business owner’s profiles on LinkedIn with lots of connections

But when I talk to these coaches, I learn that they are actually frustrated by the lack of leads that’s materializing from their Linkedin profiles.

They often say that they experience…

  • Low engagement, as their content is irrelevant to most
  • Poor awareness of their marketing’s effectiveness
  • Less leads being generated

Now, you may have hundreds or thousands of contacts…

But how many of those would actually be interested in buying your product or service?

Remember, if you use LinkedIn to grow your business, you’re not there to connect with your peers. You’re there to connect with your perfect future customers.

In this training, I’ll share my strategies to effectively…

  • Narrow in on the connections who can become your Perfect Future Customers
  • Nurture those connections meaningfully
  • Avoid connecting with the wrong prospects


Bottomline is, if you don’t have a community, you don’t have a business. And in the Expert coaching and consulting  space, LinkedIn is still by far the best place to create such a community organically. 

Access the free training HERE >> 

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