About The Influencer Project

In 2014 when we started out,

LinkedIn wasn’t on our Radar at all…

We used to struggle with finding new clients for our business.

A startup, with limited budget, not enough money for fancy social media ads and the excitement and fear that comes with building a business. That $0 – 7k / month has challenges we know all too well…

However within 18 months

we moved into a real office and scaled to over 7 figures

All because we strategically tapped into the professional power of LinkedIn.

Not only that but we created a model that enabled us to scale and grow FAST… because we wanted a business that created 3 things:

  • More Time – to have the capacity be there for the people we love and care about
  • More Money – to have the cash to afford the things we wanted, and do the things we love
  • More Lifestyle – to actually ENJOY business and live in a way that inspires us

The cool thing was that the same exact strategy we created ‘around LinkedIn’ inside The Influencer Project is now helping our clients easily overcome common business dilemmas, so they can grow and scale to 6 and even 7 figures by simply adding the right strategy to their LinkedIn game and looking at business differently.

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