B2B training to 10x your business growth

Make this your best year for sales yet. Our accelerated B2B growth program helps experts generate more leads and close more clients.

A B2B Sales & Marketing Training Program that delivers outstanding results.

If you offer coaching or consulting services for B2B, social media networking should be a key piece of your sales process. As sales and marketing professionals, we’ll train you on generating reliable new leads and clients using your existing social network.

Join the Influencer Project Community

This isn’t just a training course, it’s an opportunity to connect with high performing peers and a success-driven community. We hold you accountable and keep you – and your business – moving forward.
Your sales techniques need a social boost.
With over 750 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional database – and an ideal marketplace for B2B consultants and coaches.

Every person you want to do business with is on this platform. To reach them manually would take years, if not decades.

With our proven strategy, you learn the secrets of sales professionals to stand out as an influencer, or ‘go-to expert’, in your market. You’ll learn the exact activity strategy that gets you seen 10x more often than your competitors.

We teach you how to cut through the noise – and generate value.

Because you don’t need a sales team, you need a great sales strategy – using a social media platform you already use.

We make sure you win, long term.

The Influencer Project provides real world support that goes far beyond the course. Hear from our clients:


Make More Impact In Your Market

With our team of expert coaches, we work side by side with you to refine your Social Sales System with a laser-targeted business growth strategy customized to your needs.


‘Right-fit’ Lead Generation

We take the guesswork out of LinkedIn lead gen by teaching you proven B2B sales engagement strategies. You’ll reliably generate leads and opportunities through social marketing, phone and email.


Stop Chasing Business, Let it Chase You!

With our advanced B2B sales training program, your business runs like clockwork. With Automated Admin, Accelerated Marketing, and Scalable Sales, you have more time to win more business – without being trapped by it.


Accelerate Business Development

We’ll help you turn up your social networking to build a community of ideal future customers. High-value, hard-to-reach decision makers that see you as the go-to expert solution for their business. Engage more people in less time.


Grow Revenue Fast, and Predictably

Our sales framework has generated millions of dollars for our clients. It’s a step-by-step process that walks prospects through the sales cycle at your pace, not theirs, and converts them faster.

Our strategy simplifies your systems, marketing and sales so you can focus only on results-based activities that grow your coaching or consulting business.





watch our video case studies.


Gabriella went from up to 18+ months to convert a lead to closing $33K in LESS THAN 24 hours!


The results that we’ve been able to get after being with The Influencer Project would be about $500,000. What we haven’t closed, is another half a million dollars.


In relation to an overall return of investment of time and money I’d say we’re achieving a return of close to 10x our investment.


I’ve generated 6-figure revenues, but I’ve probably planted 5x that revenue.


Within the first 6 months I got the equivalent of $60 million worth of new business, which equates to about $350,000 worth of income.


From earning 32K to 900K per annum!

The methodical approach to B2B growth

A 4-step strategic sales approach that generates high-quality leads using proven Neuro-Marketing and Social Sales Principles, combined with leading-edge client acquisition strategies.

A Proven Business-Growth Process

We’ve created more 6 & 7-figure than any other social marketing program out there. Get access to the exact same systems, frameworks and hyper-growth strategies that our clients use. It’s not a matter of IF it will work, but WHEN you want it to work.

Growth-Minded Peer Group

It’s hard to make ‘next level’ changes to your life and business when you’re surrounded by the same people. Join an active community of coaches and consultants to collaborate, get help, share ideas, practice sales calls, make friends, and have fun.

Tap Into a Team of Experts

In 2019, we generated $20M+ in revenue for our clients. Gain direct access to our expert growth team. They’ll work with you across sales, marketing and systems to make sure you win fast!

B2B Resources, Frameworks and Templates

You don’t have time to reinvent the wheel. Use the 80/20 principle and get to where you want to go, faster. We’ve already got 80% of what you’ll need to generate more leads and close more clients. You can spend the next 12 months figuring it out for yourself, or use our frameworks and spend just 20% of your time tweaking it for your business. Smarter not harder, right?

Giving Back

At the Influencer Project, we are committed to giving back. Our latest initiative – feeding children in crisis, is supported by the work that our wonderful clients produce through our program.

Leave the earth having made a dent, made a difference, that because of you, someone’s world is a better place.